AscendX Dealer Registration Portal
Dear AscendX Concepts Dealer,

We take our brand and market position very seriously and desire to maximize opportunity with our valued, chosen business partners. In order to ensure AscendX can do this, we need to make sure your information is current and accurate to communicate better and understand where, how and by whom our porducts are most effectively being promoted.

To make this as easy as possible for you, we have implemented an online AscendX Dealer Registration Porta, which includes:

  • Web-based, paperless Dealer Registration Portal for all Direct Dealers who purchase AscendX products for resale.
  • Revised Terms and Conditions
  • Online Credit Application and New Customer Data Collection

The process is entirely electronic, secure and confidential. You will be presented with the AscendX Concepts Terms and Conditions for your electronic review. The Terms and Conditions are vital to the ongoing protection and promotion of our Authorized Dealers. You may pause any time throughout the process and your work will be saved and stored in your profile; you can pick up where you left off the next time you sign in.

Let’s get started!

Please review the instructinos to the right and follow the online prompts to complete your registration as soon as possible.

Dealer Registration Portal


  Step-by-Step AscendX Concepts US Reseller Registration Instructions
Click here to begin Registration
Review the AscendX Concepts Terms and Conditions and click I Agree
Important Entry Criteria to consider:

First Name and Last Name
must be owner, officer or authorized company signatory.
Please keep in mind the Username will be utilized by your company for many years and cannot be changed. The Password can be revised.
The Primary Email Address entered is used for all critical AscendX email business and notification of authorization status. (2) Additional email addresses listed will only receive the business communications; these email addresses can be revised at any time.
Complete all data fields selecting Save & Continue at the end of each data registration page.
Enter ALL Brick and Mortar locations (or provide list to us & we will enter)
Enter ALL Online e-Commerce website and marketplace URL location addresses you currently sell on and seller names where applicable.
When all required data has been completed, select Submit Registration.

If you are interrupted during the registration process you can pick up where you left off.

Please note: Capitalized terms have the meaning ascribed to them in the AscendX Terms and Conditions.

Have questions? Review the FAQs or contact us.